A Nigerian lawyer, Barr. Mathew Edaghese, has said that the criminals in Edo state are thriving because they now see themselves as partners with the Police since together they engaged in unwholesome practices that brought politicians to power.

Speaking on the spate of ceomes and criminality across the country, Edaghese said,
“What is happening signals that we are heading towards a failed society. These are the indices of a failed society. When a society is failing these are the manifestations. There is near breakdown of law and order and once that is the case, anarchy will then fill the vacuum. I think we are nearer anarchy than anything else. This signal has been there for a long time but the government felt it was a false alarm being raised”.

The lawyer argued that, “When our political actors now deem it a necessity to patronise criminal elements to help them to win elections, then you are handing over the system to them by default. Those who partake in bringing people to power are virtually alternative government in power. So when you have cult groups, criminal gangs play active roles in the electioneering process and elections the impression created by the politicians is that these people as the actually stakeholders.

“They had these criminal elements partner with police during the elections. They mingle and interacted freely with the Police and you can tell the implications of that when thugs and Police work together to bring politicians to power. They have become partners in crime and they see them as partners in law breaking rather than as enforcers of the law. So what is happening is that they have assumed that post and are on the verge of enforcing it on society in practical terms. Because they see those in power as their puppets.

“Police offered these criminals protection during elections to perpetrate all manners of evil. If a robber and a policeman have worked together during election, you can’t break that bond after that transaction and the relevance of the police as law enforcement agents will be destroyed. So criminals do not have fear or respect for the Police anymore as they have worked together in the past”.

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