There are so many issues that pressure us daily and stress us, putting us in depression.

There is the challenge of basic existence of earning a living in a country like Nigeria with a situation where the jobs are not forthcoming.

Even with tho jobs the pay is not enough to take home and so its excruciating to meet basic needs like paying rents for accommodation.

For many the thought of paying monthly or annual rents and the dream of building one’s own house in a country like Nigeria is enough stress.

Even in the rented accommodation, there is the stress of paying for utilities like water and electricity, where it is available, if at all.

As it is water is only available from boreholes untreated and the boreholes have to be powered by the erratic electricity or a generator, which raises the issue of fuelling.

With the price of fuel increasing almost on a monthly basis in Nigeria, the reality can be better imagined. One thousand naira petrol which pumped a 500-litre tank full of water last month will not be enough this month.

That brings us to the issue of feeding. Basic foodstusff like rice are out of the equation because they are now priced out of the reach of mere mortals. Beans, garri , yams, plantain and wheat the other food items are also not affordable.

All the above contribute to stress and depression among Nigerians. But now researchers say therapists are not needed to address the challenge.

They say it is better to take a day at a time. Do all you can and leave the rest especially as one cannot control external forces affecting existence.

Live in an affordable accommodation, eat what you can afford, seek realistic and practical additional means of income to supplement what you are getting presently and keep hopes high.

Taking drugs for stress rather than engaging in positive thinking and taking long walks or exercises of walking and trying to clear the head are prescribed.

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