Too much red meat is not good, doctors tell you. Eat it moderately. Also they say eat plenty of vegetables, because it is good for your health.

But some of us decide that because meat is not so good or because we love animals so much or simply because of our faith, we just stick with vegetables.
People who live on vegetables only are known as vegans. They
do not eat any animal products which doctors also advice contain good for health protein like eggs, milk, etc.
Now that the issue as Doctors now say vegans have low protein in their diets and that is bad news for their bones. Infact they are more likely to have fractures and at specific locations of their bodies.
These parts include legs, hips and the vertebrae according to a study just published in the journal BMC magazine by some researchers at the University of Oxford and Bristol in the United kingdom.
However this finding is of a European female population as studies of a non-European population is called for as well as studies based on the sexes.

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