Doctors have long advocated that eating a healthy diet is a sure say to stay away from sickness.

And there are so many diseases that eating well saves us from like cancer, diabetes, etc.
It also helps us deal with ailments of the heart, brain and even issues of weight.
Now some healthcare investigators say that eating well actually involves avoiding red meat, sugar and refined grains.
They also say that a diet that is low on animal produce like milk, meat and eggs is a big plus.
Why eat refined or processed wheat, corn, etc when you can eat natural ?
They have actually been carrying out a study which has now confirmed that a Mediterranean diet holds the key to controlling type 2 diabetes.
This diet according to a new study a new study published online in JAMA Network Open.
The diet is rich in vegetables, fruits and legumes, nuts and beans.
The diet is also rich in cereals, grains, olive oil and fish.

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