While the world is upbeat over the vaccine for the dreaded corona virus, it looks like it has slowed down the search for a cure for a more dreaded HIV.

Is it perhaps due to the fact that many persons living with HIV are low and middle income countries such as Africa and not the West?
Sources say that persons living with HIV need lifelong treatment and this makes the disease a more serious matter for the world to be dealing with.
Add this to the  fact that there are 17-million new infections annually and in sixteen years the world has spent a whopping $600billion on the pandemic.
Health authorities are agreed that 80-million people have been infected with HIV while 40-million have died during the period with the year 2019 alone leading  to almost 700, 000 persons killed.
Very worrisome is the information that most of Africa has two thirds of the world’s HIV infections and deaths. These are supposedly very high and alarming figures which should be cause for concern.
These figures are despite the US promise to deliver $6-billion worth of antiviral Drugs to low and middle income countries, which it he sustained over time. There is however need for the world to do more.
The reason is simple: Over 13-million persons still lack access to these drugs thirty years down the road.

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