Pfizer and BioNtech’s vaccine which has shown 95% effectiveness against the coronovirus¬† without any safety concerns is to be used across the UK in the coming week.

The temporary authorization for its use, which will be the vaccine’s first use outside clinical trials will be based on guidelines from the UK health authorities.
A department of Health and Social Care source said the vaccine will be available with the elderly and healthcare workers receiving it first.
Meanwhile the US is expected to receive about 23million doses of the Pfizer vaccine in its first shipment by December 15 ,subject to authorization from the US Food and Drugs Administration.
The country is also expected to receive a shipment of about 18million Moderna vaccine doses by December 22,2020, still after the US FDA approval.
Healthcare authorities in the country will be taking a final decision on the use of the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines respectively on the December 15 and 21, 2020.

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