Pure honey taken with a tablespoon into the mouth when one is coughing is not a cure,for the ailment.

Taken alone or with a lemon and drank down the throat,honey can reduce the intensity of the cough, health researchers are saying.
They say cough can last for as long as eighteen days unless one is sick, so it may last longer.
Doctors do not suggest antibiotics for cough except it comes with bacteria but honey they say can help the cough.
This is especially at night when we lay down as the cough can increase heartburn with more congestion.
When the cough starts it is often difficult to stop as a result but Honey is said to reduce its intensity.
A tablespoon before bedtime can help with the cough symptoms.
This it does by reducing inflammation in the lungs increasing salivation and impact on the nerves which are involved in stimulating cough.
It breaks up the mucus helps to reduce irritations of the mucus membranes in the mouth.
Finally we can sleep well with less cough.

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