A study conducted by researchers in the University of Maryland in the US found a correlation between temperature, humidity and latitude, and the spread of Covid-19.

A BBC report recently looked at why most of Africa has been less devastated by the Covid-19, like the rest of the world.

Mohammad Sajadi, the lead researcher said , “We looked at the early spread [of the virus] in 50 cities around the world. The virus had an easier time spreading in lower temperatures and humidity”.

“Not that it doesn’t spread in other conditions – it just spreads better when temperature and humidity drop.”

African countries away from the tropics have been worse off.
The spread of the virus accelerated in South Africa as the southern hemisphere went into winter.

But as it became warmer, the number of cases dropped significantly, impacting the continental outlook, as South Africa accounts for almost half the total number of cases and deaths on the continent

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