There are indications and strong ones too that are very concerned about what they eat and how it affects them thereafter.


For them it is not about eating for for its sake, they have a way of ensuring that the food does not harm them in the long run.


So this is what they do: they swallow their own acid to rid the food they are eating of any harmful bacteria.

Researchers are finding out that Ants use the acid in their system to disinfect themselves and their stomach walls against any danger.


They found that the Ant acid called formic acid actually kills the harmful bacteria in the food, and so reduce the risk of it being infected. The finding was published in the journal eLife. According to the publication,


“The results of the new study also explain why some ants have very few bacteria in their digestive tracts; those that are present are primarily acid-resistant microbes. “Acid swallowing acts as a filter mechanism, structuring the ant’s microbiome”.


It is not known how the formic acid precisely works but along with other types, they have been in use over time, as additives in animal feed to kill harmful germs.

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