For 43 years, even since the School for the Developmentally challenged, Hearing and Visually Impaired School was built by the State Government at Ukhegie Street, Off Isekhere Road, Benin City, a vital infrastructure like Water supply was never made available. Unbelievable but true.


The narrative is about to change through the kind hearted donation of a 10,000 water gallon borehole, and powered by Isaiah 58 Mandate, a faith based non-governmental organization, founded by 34 year old Naomi Uwaila Bazuaye.


Naomi’s NGO for 9 years on, has carried on with several activities, including food drives, rehabilitation workshops, end of year events for orphans and vulnerable children, medical bill settlement for indigent children, as well providing maternal health support for infants and mothers.

The Borehole project, costing some 3million naira, will be commissioned by the State Governor, Godwin Obaseki at the school venue to be supported by SUBEB officials.

What is impressive about this Water Bore hole project is that Isaiah 58 mandate has not only provided light to the schools as well as the adjoining Ivbiore Primary School, but has extended both light and reticulated water supply to the school’s neighbours.


This is an unusual gesture from an NGO, aside deciding to maintain the light and water supply for the next 3 years.

It is remarkable that the first attempt at providing the schools with water in the last 43 years, has only a water holding scaffolding as evidence – and not a drop of water in all these years.


This is a turning point in terms of kindness and gifting from a young girl who, according to her father, even while in primary school, always wanted sweets bought for her and her friends. Gifting is in Naomi’s spirit.

Of herself, Naomi Uwaila Bazuaye is a seasoned energetic individual, skilled in financial planning and investment, and analysis projection as well as credit risk management for individuals, companies and corporations.

Currently, a Phd Student in Canada, she has an MBA in Finance, an MSc in Financial Risk Services and Operations, with a B.Sc in Accounting. She has extended training in Development courses in Creative thinking as well as Design Thinking.

The Executive Director of Isaiah 58 Mandate will fete over 700 school children at a celebratory party, an event all the students, impaired as well as normal are looking forward to and will turn up in special colours.


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