A Nigerian man who has been living in an Indian village for six years is now in Police custody.

His offense is that he was caught in the act of automated teller machine or ATM card cloning.
He was said to have unsuccessfully tried to scam 6 victims in cornivance with two nationals who were also detained.

On December 14  a local court will try all those involved after they were found with over 350 cloned ATM cards and other devices.

An Indian publication said, “The police have recovered 359 duplicate cards of various banks, 13 ATM skimmers, 12 micro digital cameras, two walkie talkies, two chargers, two headphones, 15 micro-batteries, 50 data cables, four laptop chargers, four mobile chargers, 11 CDs, 11 small batteries, one mobile phone, one power bank, four electronics circuits, one colour printer, M-Seal sealant, tape, soldering paste and gun”.

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