*By Ernest Omoarelojie*
Recently, the All Progressives Congress, APC, held its much expected national caretaker committee meeting. As part of the far reaching decisions the party took, it extended the tenure of the committee, ably led by Yobe state Governor, Mai Mallam Buni.
Among other resolutions, the party dissolved all its state executive committees and inaugurated new but interim set. In particular, the dissolution of all former state executive committees and inauguration of new set of State Caretaker Committees, brought a huge relief to all the party members and faithfuls across the entire country. It was adjudged to be long overdue.
In Edo state in particular, it was the best piece of news for party members and faithful in a long while. For many, it was the most defined extrusion action on the moles within the party whose presence led to its abysmal performance at the last governorship election.
Thus, it was not a surprise when the party members and supporters could not resist the temptation to celebrate. If nothing at all, it was good music for them to hear that at last, especially with the former factional chairman of the state chapter, Barr Anselm Ojezua, seen as the real mole that sold the party out, the main clog in the party’s wheel of progress, has been shown the exit door. The man in charge now is Col David Imuse Rtd.
Arguably reacting belatedly to the development, Barr Ojezua announced his planned resignation or defection to the PDP. He also announced that he was joining the PDP alongside his supporters which he put at a humongous 150,000.
But in making the announcement, he exposed his underbelly as one who has lost tune with reality. The reason is that the people already knew that he lost his rights to identify himself as a member of the party on the same day he decided to support Governor, Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki against Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, the governorship candidate of the APC, he led as chairman, supposedly.
Even at that, Edo people are in no doubt that his resignation from the party, socalled, and subsequent defection announcement would have made more sense at the time, certainly not now. For them, making the announcement now is an indication that he is regrettably operating on a sickly logic.
Sickly logic it really appears to be when Barr Ojezua went further to cite his reasons as loss of confidence on APC’s interim national leadership and disrespect of court orders. What de heck was he thinking!
Truly, Barr Ojezua appears not to be in tune with reality. Rather than quietly and honorably face the exit door, with tail tucked in like a defeated dog, he chose to raise unnecessary dust just so he could stave off the odious fact that he is lacking in honour, having sworn to defend and protect the fortunes of a party he led as chairman only to turn around yet and sell it out. If Barr Ojezua has honour and or integrity, he should know that it would make more sense to quietly accept his inevitable  fate with equanimity just so that his sense of appreciation is seen to still hover around acceptable minimum rational level.
The point to take home is that Barr Ojezua relinquished his rights to being a member of the APC the very day he opted take side with Obaseki. Following from that he ought to have taken the common sense route by not only resigning his position as state chairman but also a renouncement of his membership the party way back. But he didn’t because he lacked honour.
Instead, he stayed back and in cohort with other moles, worked from the inside to undo the party he swore to defend as chairman.
Barr Ojezua’s action is reminiscent of how another member of the same PDP infamously sold out the Social Democratic Party, SDP. It is an act for which he should be hiding his face in shame. Typically however, he is celebrating it because of his inability to grasp his woeful standing on the people’s perception podium. It is pathetic.
Yet Barr Ojezua’s continuous romance with the APC after the governorship election has an infamous similarity to the proverbial individual who loathed the dog so much that he would never approve the use of his knife to divvy it up, preferring instead to lend his teeth. Can reasoning be more demeaning?
Clearly, Barr Ojezua needs to be reminded, since he is still unable to runderstand, that his extrusion from the APC is a long anticipated good riddance to bad rubbish. It is something he should have done by himself long ago instead of waiting for his ouster. It is shameful that the logic eluded him even as a learned fellow.#


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