A crime or felony is any action that violates the law. Laws are rules or regulations designed to guide the behavior of all citizens in a community.

Laws govern all communities which are inhabited by citizens. Citizens are supposed to behave or conduct themselves in a manner that does not violate the law.

When a citizen violates the law, he has committed a crime and it is liable to prosecution by the state and punishable by law.

Before reporting a crime or felony to the Police, you must know what a report is. Simply put, a report is the account of what happened. It is giving information out. In this case to report a crime amounts to giving an account or information of the violation of the law, to the Police.

Since there are laws to govern the conduct of all citizens, there is also need for enforcement so that they can be safe and secure. This is why the law enforcement agency called the Police is created.

The Police have a duty to protect the lives and properties of all citizens; to maintain law and order to ensure that all citizens live in a crime-free environment. Because the Police cannot be everywhere in the community at the same time, it relies on citizens to inform it of crimes.

All citizens are therefore obliged to report crime to the Police. It does not matter if they are affected by the crime. As long as it is a crime, the citizen has a duty to report it to the Police.

This is because the Police rely on such vital reports from citizens to function properly in its task of keeping every citizen safe and communities secure.

If citizens are expected to report crimes to the Police, it is advisable that they know how to do so.


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