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Close to a  year after a Balochistan journalist and activist living in exile in Sweden, was found dead,  another activist has been found dead, but this time in Canada.
Sajid Hussain, according to media reports was found drowned there, on location in Sweden.
Karima Mehrab, a refugee from the Balochistan region of western Pakistan and human rights activist living in Canada went missing over the weekend.
Now she has been found dead, in what Police in Toronto say is a non-criminal matter.

Also known as Karima Baloch, Mehrab was a prominent student organizer who campaigned for Balochistan’s separation from Pakistan.
She later fled to Canada amid threats. She was named one of the BBC’s 100 inspirational and influential women of 2016.
Toronto police offered few details about her death. Mike Butt, a detective, said by phone: “It has been deemed a non-criminal incident.”
Amnesty International South Asia tweeted that her death was shocking and should be “effectively investigated,” while the Human Rights Council of Balochistan called for the Canadian government to look into the matter.

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