A woman from Singapore who met a Nigerian online and was employed to fly ladies good from China to Cambodia may soon be executed for drug related offences.

As it turns out the ladies lingerie and handbags Aslinda Junaidi was paid well to transport were actually laden with hard drugs banned in China.
She was arrested in Shenchen in 2015 on suspicion of drug trafficking, tried and convicted along with some others, for the offence in July this year.
The death sentence which is the highest punishment for the crime in China was defered for two years with a probability of being downgraded to a life sentence if her appeal sails through.
Now the challenge is her getting a pro bono lawyer to handle her case as cost of legal services are high.
The lady had told the court that the man who gave the job was a Nigerian businessman, Chibuzor Onwuka who paid her well to fly the goods from Guangzhou to Phnom Penh once or twice a month.
When Customs arrested her in Shenchen with 38 women’s handbags it turned out 11kilograms of methamphetamine with a 2015 US market value of $220,000 was stitched into their lining.
She however said she knew nothing about the drugs. There are no indications that her boss has been apprehended.

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