An American woman who is awaiting execution for murder 14years after her conviction may wait a little longer to die.
Reason is that a court postponed her execution due to the fact that her lawyers
who were planning to seek clemency for her, fell ill with coronavirus and theĀ  Department of Justice could not yet reset the date.
Lisa Montgomery was scheduled to be executed on December 8 for murdering the pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett, cutting the fetus from her body, and claiming the live baby as her own.

Jo, a Missouri woman was eight months pregnant, when Lisa attacked her, cutting the baby out and kidnapping it. The baby survived.

The Justice Department had said it sought to reschedule Montgomery’s execution date for January 12, but a DC District Court judge wrote that it didn’t follow the proper timeline under the previous court order, delaying the rescheduling of the execution date further.
“The district court’s decision requires the government to follow the law by not setting an execution date for Lisa Montgomery while a stay of execution is in place,” Sandra Babcock, one of Montgomery’s attorneys, said in a statement.
“Given the severity of Mrs. Montgomery’s mental illness, the sexual and physical torture she endured throughout her life, and the connection between her trauma and the facts of her crime, we appeal to President (Donald) Trump to grant her mercy, and commute her sentence to life imprisonment.”

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