The President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Rev. Felix Omobude, has called on those attacking the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Dr Hassan Kukah to stop because he has spoken truth to power

Omobude who also warned that the Bishop should not be a sacrificial lamb said the Bishop spoke the minds of most Nigerians and should be commended for speaking out when others kept quiet with things out of control.
He said, “Bishop Kukah spoke the minds of genuine Nigerians. And any attempt by anybody to impose a section of the nation upon the other, is bound to cause chaos.

“Bishop Kukah should be seeing as a patriot and not a sacrificial lamb. He is not a hater of government but a lover of truth. I stand wholeheartedly on his views,” he said.

Omobude added, “Well, I appreciate Bishop Kukah. I don’t think we have interacted on one-on-one, but if you follow him, you will know that he is down to earth when it has to do with telling the truth.
“Bishop Kukah is an advocate of democracy so he could not have been calling for the military overthrow of the government. The issues that he raised are very glaring.
“Now, it is only in this country that you can’t talk against government and go free. What is the dust for? I know that the minister of information is paid for his job but he should be honest enough to face certain truth”.
He added that, “People call Mr. Trump all kinds of names and never has anybody been sued for insulting him, but people have been sued in Nigeria for insulting president”.

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