Edo state government in Southern Nigeria is to launch an ambitious plan whereby residents of apartments, neighborhoods and communities can divulge information about each other for security reasons.

Known as operation ‘Know Your Neighbour,’ Governor Godwin Obaseki has said the move will have the government asking residents, “to provide information and identities of all those who live close to you”.
He did not say if this request will be by security agencies or a government agency neither did it specify the kind of information.
There is no law in Nigeria which compels citizens to give out information about their neighbors except in a court of law.
According to the governor, “We are building a robust security system to deal with the peculiar challenges that we now face”.
He said, “We are essentially evolving a public safety system that is anchored on citizen participation with a bottom-up structure, such that citizens are actively engaged in protecting and securing their immediate communities in collaboration with government”.

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