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Akwa Ibom State- owned airline, Ibom Air has recorded 500,000th passengers since its commencement of operations on  June 7, 2019.

Its Chief Operating Officer, George Uriesi said the feat was achieved despite the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic, adding that it was an indication of the airline’s acceptability.

‘’We are very pleased to record this key milestone of 500,000 passengers. Although we would have clocked this number around November of last year, but for the three and a half months COVID-19 lockdown, still, it is an indication of steady customer uptake, and validation of our services.

‘’We are most thankful to our customers for believing in us and continuing to rely on our unique proposition of schedule reliability, on-time departures, and excellent service. As we continue to grow apace, we are determined to continue to deliver on our customers now very high expectations,” he said.

Uresi said it was heartwarming that the airline has  established a reputation for on-time performance and excellent service in the market, adding that It is the only domestic airline in Nigeria that publishes its schedule reliability and on-time performance statistics monthly.

‘’The airline has consistently maintained above 90 per cent performance since inception. It operates daily flights between Uyo, Lagos, Abuja, Calabar and Enugu.

‘’Ibom Air is a limited liability company wholly owned by the Akwa Ibom State government, which aims to set the standard as an airline of choice for passengers by focusing on schedule reliability, on-time performance, and excellent service with a vision to be a world-class, African regional airline.

‘’It also has a core value of excellence, safety, Integrity, Passion and Innovation and a Mission to build a safe service- focused and profitable Airline,’’ he said

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