Edo Forestry Commission Law Is Still in the MakingBy Osehobo Ofure
It is close to three years since the Governor of Edo state in Nigeria’s Niger Delta, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, sent a bill for a law to set up the State Forestry Commission, to the State Legislature.
The Commission according to the governor is aimed at giving legal backing to state efforts at managing her forest resources.
Obaseki also spoke of plans to make the study of Forests part of the school curriculum. He said Forestry is one subject that we will introduce in the curriculum of our basic education system in the state to inculcate in pupils the importance of our forest reserves.

The Governor had promised that before the bill is passed, he may explore the option of an Executive Order to implement his vision for the sector.

He said this is necessary to begin the process of ensuring the state defines the agenda along critical principles it had laid out on forest management for implementation.
The governor noted that the state is already considering creative and sustainable ways of driving consciousness on the need to preserve forests.
Obaseki said one of the problems Nigeria faces is poor environmental practices and called on stakeholders to join hands with the government to stop the degradation of forests, as failure to do so will result in dire consequences in the years ahead.
“We are facing a looming disaster and if nothing is done quickly and urgently, all of us will be consumed as our economy will be affected,” he argued.
….Osehobo is President, Initiative for Climate Education and Energy Awareness, ICEEA

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