By :Douglas Ogbankwa Esq…..

If you have custody of the
Commonwealth ,
And with that acquire illicit wealth,
And you leave the people with out wealth ,
But in groan and unavoidable sweat ,
You are a Bandit !

When God has made you a Judge over the Affairs of Men ,
And you collect Money to change the Course of Men ,
Turning Black to White ,
And White to Black ,
You are a Bandit !

If you always ask,
Can a man rob God ?
When it is you that rob God ,
Living in ostentatious splendour,
While those you rob in the name of God live in Squalor ,
You are a Bandit!

When you steal the money of your company,
And use same to get good Company ,
You are bandit !

When you become a member of the Execu-thieves,
Or a Member of the House of Representa-thieves ,
You steal and thieve the Commonwealth,
Causing people pain and death ,
You are a Bandit!

When you arrest a bandit ,
And because of gain you let him go,
And you bring a false Investigation Report ,
Your Report does not just Wait for you when you meet your Creator ,
You are a bandit !

When you collect brown envelope,
And you write news to boost their egos,
Changing the course of history,
And sending people to Prison,
You are a Bandit!

When you collect money from your client,
To change the course of time ,
And you say you don’t lie,
But that you apply law to facts ,
You are a Bandit!

When you order a Patient to go on admission,
When in your conscience you know it is not necessary,
So your hospital will have money ,
You are a Bandit!

When you suddenly ask students to go on excursion ,
In order to gain an extortion ,
Knowing it is not plan a for the school session ,
You are a Bandit!

When you are supposed to control traffic,
And you begin to cause traffic,
By harassing vehicles in traffic ,
So you extort from them money ,
You are a Bandit !

When Government gives you money to fight Bandits ,
And you steal and pilfer the money ,
Leaving our soldiers and families in Mourning,
You are a Bandit !

When you share cash in a cashless Society,
Bringing fictitious names ,
While the money of the people is your illicit gain ,
You are a Bandit !

When you treat the Right as Terrorists,
And you treat Terrorists as the Right,
You treat the equal unequally ,
And unequal , equally
You are a Bandit!

When you turn Covid-19
To Covid-419,
Making money with the blood of the people ,
That will haunt you in life and in death ,
You are Bandit!

When you see Bandit pilfer and kill,
And you say all Bandits are not criminals,
You are not just a Bandit ,
You are a Criminal!

By Editor

Teacher, Reporter, and Blogger

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