Media personality Uti Nwachukwu has taken to Twitter to bare his mind on the subject of monogamy.

According to him, whoever has a problem with ‘acute’ cheating should not be in a relationship.

The TV presenter stated that people who have partners who are physically, emotionally, and financially committed to them shouldn’t complain when they cheat.
According to him, it is hard for humans to be committed in intimate matters with a person forever.

Using food as an example, Uti said the fact that a person has a favourite food does not mean that they will not crave something else.

According to him, people shouldn’t be pressured to be with one partner forever.

Noting that some monogamous relationships work, the media personality said most are filled with pretence.
Uti said people should have this conversation with their intending partners to avoid heartaches.
Uti advised people to be real with themselves and their expectations.
In other news, earlier reported that actress Chizi Alichi said no woman can collect her husband.
The 28-year-old actress who has been known to flaunt loved up photos of herself and her husband, Chike Ugochukwu Mbah, on social media has clearly stated that she is not scared of losing her marriage to any home breaker.
In an interview with Maryjane Eze of, the tall and pretty movie star confidently said that nothing will go wrong with her marriage because she did not sn*atch another person’s husband.

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