I just read a statement fromthe chairman of the very confused Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, in Edo State who has finally and shamelessly acknowledged that its frustrated and disgruntled leaders have taken to making genuine utterances that portray its true picture as a violent, disunited and dying political party where the highest bidder dictate the tunes.

The statement attested to the fact that the PDP is one party where political indiscipline is a brand and this has been its reputation over time. It is in this light that all well meaning Edo people must see the mess PDP leaders and members have put Edo as they colluded with their elephant in the room to Make Edo grounded again, MEGA!

The head of the PDP Government and the leader of the party in Edo state, socalled, is Governor Godwin Obaseki. But his rudderless government without a modicum of respect for due process and rule of law but with dictatorial tendencies in the eyes of the general public is at best a failure.

The PDP Leaders’ utterances publicly has if nothing else highlighted and boastfully reported the true nature of the Governor and his Government as embarrassing because issues of interest to a larger proportion of Edo people, like the simple naming of a cabinet, conducting the local government elections, flagging off the Gelegele seaport construction, the Edo North airport, numerous roads’ construction if only in Benin City, the state capital are comatose, after a full year of lying fallow, due to his inaction.

Is it the mess he has made of the AAU setting, the COVID-19 pandemic disastrous forced vaccination with a plot to sack workers, or the hype called EdoBest program with flooded schools? It must be the insecurity that the PDP is celebrating. These are the things Edo people are interested in and some of the reasons they put the party in government. But what is the result!

Edo people across the state wonder when the governor will wake up to see that his MEGA flight has failed to fly because he has failed to keep his eyes on the ball. He has been distracted by his search for a successor aspiring rather consciously to be the very godfather he claimed to have defeated.

Edo must move forward
Victor Ofure Osehobo
Assistant Publicity Secretary,

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